More Time With Your Doctor & More Time From Your Doctor

The typical family practice doctor today spends ten minutes or less with each patient – not nearly enough time for the doctor or the patient. However, at Bay Internists Select Health, we take a very different approach. We offer longer, unhurried appointments, allowing us to spend more time with each patient. We believe patients should have greater access, so our doctors and medical staff make themselves available to patients via cell phone, email and secure patient portal messaging. We believe in a superior healthcare experience for all of our patients.

If you are like so many primary care patients today, you probably wish that your doctor would spend more time with you on preventive care, listening to your concerns, answering your questions and explaining not only your treatment options, but the things you can do in your life to protect yourself from illness and disease. You wish primary care would be more caring.

  • More focused on you and your needs
  • More personal and individualized so you feel like a valued patient instead of a case number
  • More convenient and accessible
  • More focused on preventive care

At Bay Internists Select Health, we agree wholeheartedly. That’s why we offer a different kind of healthcare and why we offer our patients a choice between select health care and traditional primary care.

You get more of everything you need from your doctor

We believe in a more comprehensive annual physical exam and more thorough evaluations of your current and previous health issues.  Each of our patients also has easy access to a "Personal Health Portfolio" that includes their own:

  • Screening lab tests and results
    • Lipid panel, CMP, CBC, TSH, Free t4 and urinalysis test
  • Detailed physical exam including 
    • Screening EKG
    • Spirometry test with oxygen saturation
    • Screening audiometry (hearing test)
    • Cardiovascular health, fitness determination
    • Overnight oximetry
    • Dermatological screening
    • Body composition test
  • Risk factor analysis
    • Family risk factors
    • Personal risk factors
  • Complete medical history review
  • Goals & recommendations for long-term health and wellness

As a Select Health patient, you get the kind of healthcare you really want and need, and the kind of preventive care focus from your personal doctor that provides the greatest benefits to you and your long-term health.

When you need an attentive concierge doctor you can trust, call Bay Internists at  804-435-3103. For your convenience, use our Request an Appointment form for your consultation. Our concierge medical care patients visit us from all over the Northern Neck, including Lottsburg, Kilmarnock, Tappahannock and Callao in Northumberland County, Middlesex County, Richmond County, Lancaster County and Essex County.

Patient Reviews

Our community is extremely fortunate to have such wonderful, caring and detailed doctors. I have a chronic disease and don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for Bay Internists’ care. The staff took the time to educate me on my disease and works with my specialist to make sure I get the best care possible.

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